Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Voices of Horror series

I am extremely pleased to announce that the first four books of the New Voices of Horror series have been chosen: (#1) Dark Entities by David Dunwoody, (#2) Shades of Blood and Shadows by Angeline Hawkes, (#3) Resurrection House by James Chambers, (#4) Undertow and Other Laments by Michael Kelly. The first two books will be illustrated by Tom Moran, and the third book by Jason Whitely, and hopefully, the fourth as well. This is an exciting new series which highlights the new and best upcoming authors in the field. There will be a deluxe edition, and a 100 signed and limited edition. Dark Regions is also offering a subscription: $160.00 for all four books, which will include a FREE foil stamped slipcase. Preorder information soon. 

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