Friday, February 26, 2010

A Host of Shadows by Harry Shannon

From the author of Dead and Gone (now also a movie), Daemon and Night of the Werewolf comes a new collection by Harry Shannon published by Dark Regions Press entitled "A Host of Shadows."

One of the stories that appears in a Host of Shadows entitled "The Night Nurse" is currently on the final ballot for the Bram Stoker Award in Superior Achievement for Short Fiction. You can find the story "The Night Nurse" as a free viewable/downloadable PDF file on the A Host of Shadows description page located here:

Harry Shannon is an award winning author and as mentioned above one of his novels has even been turned into a movie. "A Host of Shadows" published by Dark Regions Press is a collection of twenty-three of Harry Shannon's best and most terrifying work. If you're looking for something new to read "A Host of Shadows" will satisfy your desire.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ghost House

Dark Regions is proud to annouce a new book imprint, Ghost House which will publish only traditional and contemporary supernatural ghost stories. The exciting first book in the series is an excellent collection, They That Dwell In Dark Places by Daniel McGachey in the tradition of M.R. James, and the second book will be Quill and Candle by Scott Thomas, ghost stories set in New England. The Ghost House Books will be designed more like the old classic supernatural collections of yesteryear adding a distinctive, but classy touch to this imprint. Thirteen Deluxe editions will be offered, and a signed and limited edition as well. These wonderful collections are designed for the collector and reader alike who enjoys a good ghost story on a cold and wintery night. Ghost House equals supernatural tales of Terror!

The End of Everything

The End of Everything is a three book series about the end of the universe as we know it. London Macabre: The Fall of Heaven by Steven Savile, The Death of Earth by Charlee Jacob, and The Fall of Hades by Jeffrey Thomas. Penned by three of the most skilled writers in the indie press, The End of Everything series is sure to be a collectible, but more importantly a fantastic read. The books will be released in a Deluxe edition, and a 150 signed and limited hardcover edition. Dark Regions will be offering a subscription for the above books, and every subscriber will receive a FREE foil stamped slipcase. Preorder information soon. 

New Voices of Horror series

I am extremely pleased to announce that the first four books of the New Voices of Horror series have been chosen: (#1) Dark Entities by David Dunwoody, (#2) Shades of Blood and Shadows by Angeline Hawkes, (#3) Resurrection House by James Chambers, (#4) Undertow and Other Laments by Michael Kelly. The first two books will be illustrated by Tom Moran, and the third book by Jason Whitely, and hopefully, the fourth as well. This is an exciting new series which highlights the new and best upcoming authors in the field. There will be a deluxe edition, and a 100 signed and limited edition. Dark Regions is also offering a subscription: $160.00 for all four books, which will include a FREE foil stamped slipcase. Preorder information soon.